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We at StayPut take most of the money we could have spent on paid advertising and instead put it back into the customer experience. Then, we let the customers be our marketing. Historically, our number 1 growth driver has been repeat customers and word of mouth. Great customer service starts on the inside with our company's culture. We at StayPut have a culture of giving back and rewarding loyalty and StayPut points do just that. With every delivery made with StayPut, our customers will receive points that can then be redeemable for free deliveries, cash credit, and or gifts from our local partnerships.

Point System
1000 pts for Take-out orders
1500 pts for Spirits (currently) and Dispensary (2023)
2000 pts for Grocery Order
miscellaneous orders will all be 1000 pts

2000 pts = $1 Canadian

10,000 pts =Free Delivery
50,000 pts =redeemable for a $25 cash credit
75,000 pts=redeemable for a $50 cash credit
100,000 pts=redeemable for a $100 cash credit

Our Loyal Pack members are able to redeem their pts as soon as they have 10,000 or can save their pts in their bank whenever they wish to use them.
Don't forget to keep an eye on our Facebook page as we will have Special Points days, VIP early access to pts days, and double pts days.

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