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Prices are approximate in-store pricing at the time of purchase. Prices may differ, as per any in-store price fluctuations. We do our best to keep pricing up to date by updating our website daily. Pricing and availability can change without notice. All items displayed are pre-tax, per unit and/or weight, and based on available data feeds. StayPut is not affiliated to, or associated with, any in-store pricing policies, promotions or sale. Your final order amount may be adjusted once shopping is complete due to lower or higher in-store pricing and/or an item on your order being out of stock and therefore omitted. You will receive an updated invoice once your order is fulfilled. If you notice items that you believe are priced incorrectly, please feel free to reach out to us directly.

Out of Stock Items

In the situation that an item ordered is out of stock, StayPut will do our best to offer a suitable replacement by substituting it with a similar item. During checkout, customers can choose specific replacement products for any item, or request that no replacement item be provided. If the customer allows replacements, StayPut will call the customer from the store to confirm the replacement items available. If the customer cannot be reached and we cannot find an approved replacement, the item will be marked as out of stock and the customer will not be charged for it.

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